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Intuitive Music Aberdeen

The ensemble Intuitive Music Aberdeen is pleased to present two works for keyboards by Haworth Hodgkinson:

Programme Haworth Hodgkinson: Bennachie Sketch (2019) world premiere performance
Haworth Hodgkinson: Drostan’s Calendar (2015)

Bennachie Sketch is a new piece receiving its world premiere performance tonight. It invites us to imagine spending 24 hours in the Forest of Bennachie, from 6am to 6am, although in performance the 24 hours are compressed into about 24 minutes. The music calls for piano and two (electronic) organs, and all three players get to play each instrument.

Drostan’s Calendar was completed in 2015, but its origins go much further back. Aberdour Beach, also known as the Drostan Shore, has long held a fascination for composer Haworth Hodgkinson. After some preliminary recordings in 1999, he visited the Drostan Shore at monthly intervals during 2004, making recordings of the waves breaking on the pebble beach. These twelve recordings of the sea in its seasonal moods became the basis of Drostan’s Calendar, with live players adding gentle layers of intuitive music that become gradually more complex as the months proceed.

According to accounts in the Aberdeen Breviary and the Book of Deer, Drostan accompanied Columba when he sailed from Ireland to Scotland in about AD563. They landed at Aberdour beach on the Aberdeenshire coast and established a monastery in Buchan at a bend in the River Ugie. Archaeologists are uncertain of the exact location of this monastery, but it’s believed to lie somewhere in the vicinity of Old Deer, perhaps on the site of the more recent Deer Abbey, or within what is now Aden Country Park. Columba returned to Iona, but Drostan remained in the North-East, and his name is associated with various sites in Aberdeenshire and Angus. The Pictish symbol stone at St Vigeans known as the Drosten Stone, unusual in bearing an inscription in Roman script, which reads ‘drosten ipeuoret ettfor cus’, may refer to the same person. Drostan ended his days as a hermit in Glen Esk, and after his death his relics were taken back to Aberdour.

Performers: Haworth Hodgkinson (keyboards and fixed media), Mandy Macdonald (keyboards) and Colin Edwards (keyboards)

Tickets are £15 with a drink and a snack or £12 for ticket only. Refreshments can also be purchased on the night. Please book online or in person via the front desk at Leith Hall.